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Hungary has no intentions of closing down CEU, but Soros tries to politicize the issue

The Hungarian government is not closing down any universities, and that includes the Soros university. All the Hungarian government would like is for every university to enjoy a level playing field, and if someone would like to enjoy special privileges, such as issuing a diploma from outside Europe, then there must be an international agreement concerning that fact

Apr 11, 2017

CEU: facts versus frenzy

Few people know that there’s not one CEU, but two. There’s the Central European University, registered in New York, which does not offer university education in New York. And there’s the Közép-europai Egyetem in Hungary. If you get a degree from CEU, who is awarding your diploma? Until now, in an inexplicable 2-for-1, the answer was both.

Apr 6, 2017 - Zoltán Kovács
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Hungary's new act on higher education is not aimed at CEU

“The proposed amendment to the act on higher education does not make it impossible for institutions to operate in Hungary, is not discriminative and is not aimed against the Central European University (CEU), which operates in Budapest," Hungary's education minister has said

Mar 30, 2017