News in Brief

New metro line to be built in Budapest

Permission for the construction of a new metro line to Rákosmente is being prepared so that work can begin in 2019, and completed in 2020

News in Brief

New metro cars introduced in Budapest

The new white metro cars, dubbed 'angels', have modernized pneumatic and braking systems, and a new drive system, which is more energy efficient by 30 percent. The passenger sections are vandal-proof, and the cabins are entirely fire-proof

Mar 21, 2017
News in Brief

OLAF uncovers losses of 167 billion HUF on metro 4 project

Implicating the Socialist-led government in the biggest corruption scandal since Hungary joined the EU, the OLAF report uncovered irregularities and the suspicion of corruption in connection with 57 contracts, with most losses tied to five contracts

Jan 17, 2017
News in Brief

More money needed for Metro line renovations

"If the budget for the project remains “capped” at the current 140 billion HUF, plans to upgrade the stops will have to be abandoned," Mayor of Budapest has said

Oct 14, 2016