NGO Crackdown


Hungary’s NGO crackdown is FAR(A) from the truth

Well, isn’t that interesting? It seems the federal government of the US has taken exception to the activities of Russian-owned media outlet, RT, and will require RT to formally register...


Myths and Facts about Hungary and George Soros (Part 2)

Democracy means first and foremost accountability and the people’s right to participate in the decision making of their lives and futures. Governments, including the Hungarian government, are held accountable and...


Is the European Union carrying out an NGO crackdown?

Members of the European Parliament are so worried about the activities of certain foreign-funded NGOs that they’re calling for the EU to cut public funding for NGOs "demonstrably disseminating untruths". Others question "democratic legitimacy" of NGOs.

Apr 10, 2017 - Zoltán Kovács