Brace yourselves: Soros-affiliated think tank finds Hungary twice as free as Germany

Yes, you read it right.

A recent survey conducted by the George Soros-affiliated think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and including 12 countries of the European Union found that nearly twice as many Hungarians feel free in their everyday life when compared to their German counterparts. It raises some uncomfortable contradictions for the prevailing mainstream, left-liberal view disseminated by biased media reports and the foundations that rank “freedom.”

According to polling data from Datapraxis, YouGov, AnalitiQs, Alpha and Hungarian pollster Szondaphone, 88 percent of Hungarians answered that they are partially or entirely free (the best result among the 12 countries included in the study). In Germany, which came in last place closely followed by Austria, this figure was only 46 percent. Meanwhile, nearly four times as many Hungarians as Germans said that they feel free, 41 percent versus 11 percent, respectively.

Photo credit: ECFR

The survey findings are interesting, to say the least, and should give some people pause, especially taking into account that Hungary has been in the crosshairs of NGOs for years, with these organizations particularly keen on claiming that people are not free in Hungary or raising the alarm that the country has been creeping toward dictatorship. For example:

Freedom House’s notorious “Freedom in the World 2020” report ranked Germany as one of the freest countries in the world, giving it a score of 94 out of 100, it gave 69 points to Hungary and labeled it a country that is “no longer a democracy.” Of course, we always have to take Freedom House’s consistently negative assessments of Hungary with a pinch of salt since it relies year after year on a circle of so-called experts and contributors that come from the same left-liberal circles.

The real picture, however, as we’ve been saying for years, is completely different.

Clearly, when asked directly, citizens of those countries that continuously rank low on Freedom House’s list, tend to hold a far different opinion than the “experts” over at the Soros-funded organization. And the ECFR report goes even further. It’s not only that Hungarians feel freer than most of our Western neighbors, they overwhelmingly support the policies of their government, particularly in relation to its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo credit: ECFR

The above chart demonstrates that 71 percent of Hungarians rated the Orbán government’s management of the coronavirus positively and said that the severity of the restrictions deployed was “about right.” The same figure in France, for example, was only 33 percent.

But coronavirus response is not the only policy area where a massive majority of Hungarians stand behind Prime Minister Orbán’s government, despite the widespread international, liberal criticism. The Hungarian government’s endeavors to put an end to illegal migration, protect Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage, support families, and prevent LGBTQ activists from lecturing our children without parental consent are only a few examples of many areas where the government’s intentions tightly line up with the will of the Hungarian people.