Extension of Article 7 procedure: This time the Soros Orchestra isn’t only disregarding EP rules, it’s going against EU Treaties

Following a debate last week in the European Parliament on the Article 7 procedure against Hungary and Poland, the EP’s left-liberal majority voted to extend its scope to cover areas previously untouched by the notorious Sargentini Report.

That’s a classic move out of the liberal, Soros playbook.

At a plenary vote last week in Strasbourg on the extension of the Article 7 proceedings against Hungary and Poland, it has become clear that Hungary – once again – is being attacked by the European Parliament’s left-liberal, pro-immigration majority for its staunch opposition to immigration and well-articulated condemnation of any form of migrant resettlement quota.

In fact, according to Tamás Deutsch, head of the Fidesz-KDNP Delegation to the EP, this is the first time that the European Parliament – oddly enough – has adopted a decision that clearly violates the founding EU treaties in a procedure concerning the rule of law. This means that the Soros Orchestra wants to have a say – unrightfully – in a procedure that is already in front of the Council.

What’s more, with the new text, new areas, such as academic and artistic freedom, will come under the EU’s scrutiny – topics that were not included in the original Soros-Sargentini Report.

Apparently, the rules can be bent if it serves their purpose. Remember how the Sargentini Report was pushed through in September 2018? Passage relied heavily on a violation of clear voting procedures. Back then, they simply didn’t have the votes and decided to just come up with a different method of counting them to pass their report.

This time, however, it’s not only the EP rules that have been breached. The EU’s own treaties are being violated, making the stakes that much higher.