Global Peace Index: Hungary is among the most peaceful, safest countries in the world

When it’s an international, objective study with a negative conclusion about Hungary, our friends in the mainstream media always seem ready to pounce, but when Hungary outperforms over 90 percent of other countries in the world, well, then their silence is deafening.

Prepared each year by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the Global Peace Index serves as an international benchmark to assess peace, safety and security in 163 countries around the world. It uses a complex set of internal and external factors to map states’ progress in the arenas of domestic and international conflicts, societal safety and militarization.

While the 2022 report concludes that worldwide peace has been deteriorating for three consecutive years now, Hungary climbed two places to 13th on the ranking, overtaking countries like Germany, Norway and Finland. At a time when there is war in our neighborhood and Hungary is admitting tens of thousands of refugees every week, becoming more secure and more peaceful is a big enough reason to celebrate.


However, apparently not big enough for our friends in the mainstream, international media, who are always so keen on reporting on the latest findings about Hungary.

Interestingly, when it’s not about the “lack of democracy,” “rule of law” or “freedom of speech” and instead a report concludes that Hungary is in fact doing better than 9 out of 10 countries around the world, these “friends” remain oddly silent.

It’s about time our critics realized that acknowledging the successes of Hungary is at least as much a part of what they like to call “independent, objective reporting” as it is to call us out on measures they don’t agree with.