Go grab some popcorn, Sargentini’s up next!

Judith Sargentini will complement the Hungarian opposition’s all-star squad this afternoon in Brussels at a demonstration against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government. Here are some inconvenient details that they won’t be mentioning. So grab a seat, Sargentini is coming!

In case you still have any illusions about what these demonstrations are really all about, today’s antics should clarify.

This afternoon, a demonstration in Brussels organized by Hungarian Socialist MEP István Ujhely and the Radical European Democrats – also known by their not-so-subtle acronym, RED – will feature none other than Judith Sargentini, the Dutch Green MEP who led the dubious push for Article 7 proceedings against Hungary. In case you missed it, POLITICO Europe, just published a Hungarian-language version of their Playbook, compiled in collaboration with Hungary’s HVG, a staunch critic of the Orbán Government. Always fair and balanced!

This is not about Hungary’s new labor code. It’s not about Hungary’s judicial system. It’s not about rule of law and democracy. This is the Soros network, the international Left engaged in a concerted campaign effort, desperate to find some sliver of hope for their own electoral chances and to smear a popular, democratically elected government that staunchly opposes immigration and insists on national sovereignty.

This, as I’ve said, is most definitely not about Hungary’s labor code. Anyone who has bothered to look at the details of the law, can see that the claims of our political opponents are a farce. Under the new rules, which make it possible for employees to voluntarily work more overtime hours, Hungary’s working hours would still not be excessive. As this OECD chart shows, the new rules would take Hungary closer to the OECD average, but if you’re worried about “slavery,” you should probably look at some of those other labor markets.

It’s also not about the judicial system. There’s just no substance in that, either. Again, our system has long been a part of the Austrian and German legal tradition, where the constitutional courts are clearly independent. These new courts would do nothing to undermine that.

But the staggering hypocrisy here is in the unsavory coalition of parties they’ve patched together. They’ve got the Hungarian Socialists and the Liberals and the Green and, in their Budapest demonstrations and plans to compile a common list for the European Parliamentary elections in May, they also include – waitforit – the far-right, anti-Semitic, anti-Roma Jobbik. Yes, the same party, whose vice president once called for a list to be drawn up “to find out how many MPs or government officials of Jewish origin there are who pose a certain national security threat.” Charming.

Savor that image for a moment: Soros' allies Sargentini, the Socialists, Greens, Liberals along with Jobbik.

Flags of the far-right, anti-Semitic Jobbik party along with the Árpád stripes flag (a symbol often used by the far-Right) fly during a recent demonstration along side the flags of the green Dialogue for Hungary, the Hungarian Liberal Party and the liberal Momentum Movement

For years, Leftists, the liberal media establishment, and the pro-migration Brussels elite have tried to smear the Orbán Government as “anti-semitic” and “xenophobic”. Sargentini even had the audacity to include a passage about “rights of persons belonging to minorities, including Roma and Jews” in her report. But what do they do when Hungary’s left cozies up to the real xenophobes? They simply turn a blind eye.

The international Left, the Soros network in action, is getting ready for the May EP elections and these demonstrations are nothing more than the latest chapter in their own desperate campaign and orchestrated maligning of a popular, democratically elected EU government.