Here’s why the Hungarian Government won’t participate in Wednesday’s debate in the European Parliament

The European Parliament’s recent actions point in one, rather unfortunate direction: instead of representing the citizens of Europe, the pro-migration forces are increasingly pushing a policy that advances the Soros plan.

With its latest decisions to triple available EU funding for NGOs (effectively completing the sixth point of the Soros plan), list the admission of illegals as a condition of the rule of law and openly sanction countries opposed to illegal migration, the European Parliament has crossed a red line. It has become a mere campaign tool for the pro-migration, liberal left.

We put the will of Hungarian voters first and will always defend the national interest when necessary. But this debate, in fact, is not about Hungary or the rule of law in Hungary, so we will not dignify with our participation what is simply a pro-migration campaign event.

Let’s be clear: There’s nothing, no new event, that justifies putting Hungary back on the EP agenda. 

These are politically driven interests, motivated by approaching European Parliamentary elections, who want to single out Hungary for our firm opposition to illegal immigration. The debate will not be about concerns for the “rule of law,” but instead will feature campaign-season grandstanding as our opponents in the immigration question attempt to pillory Hungary for being the first member state to announce that it is not willing to take in immigrants according to some Brussels quota and prefers support for families to address demographic challenges.

It is becoming increasingly apparent, Prime Minister Orbán said in his radio interview last Friday, that George Soros is trying to expand his influence in European institutions. The EP plan, for example, to triple funding for pro-migration NGOs is “perfectly consistent with the 6th point of the Soros plan,” he said, which exploits NGOs to promote illegal migration. On the planned new EU mechanism that would link EU funding to compliance with certain “rule-of-law requirements” the prime minister said that, fortunately, for this the Parliament would need the unanimous approval of the Council and that “won’t happen as long as I am the prime minister,” he added.

Nor will the Hungarian government, under our watch, legitimize with its presence an EP debate that serves the interests of George Soros and his pro-migration army.