European Parliamentary Elections

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Ruling parties could end up with 16 MEPs

A Nézőpont Institute survey found that Hungary’s ruling parties, with support of 56% of the electorate, could end up with 16 out of Hungary’s 21 European parliamentary mandates.

Prime Minister

PM Orbán in Bild: The left represents things that destroy Europe [complete interview in ENG]

“I do everything for the success of EPP. I want the EPP to win the European elections,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview published this morning in the German daily Bild, adding that he’d rather that the European People’s Party didn’t “tie its fate to the political left,” to a bloc that “represents things that destroy Europe.”

May 24, 2019
News in Brief

PM Orbán: Migration top issue of EP elections

PM Orbán said political thought about migration has been split into two distinct directions: the West is looking at ways to "live together", Central Europe is looking at what to do in order to avoid being forced to live together with migrants

May 9, 2019