It’s hard to look at the facts and say that the European Commission is doing everything it can to stop illegal immigration

Responding to the Hungarian government’s information campaign, the European Commission has launched its own version of what they claim is the truth on migration.

The Hungarian government’s information campaign, according to the Commission, “distorts the truth and seeks to paint a dark picture of a secret plot to drive more migration to Europe”. Unfortunately, the Brussels eurocrats are not being completely candid.

We’re not talking about a “secret plot”. Everything is out there in public – in the statements of the Commissioners, the steps taken by the Commission and the votes of the European Parliament. And in its denials, the Commission continues to make our argument for us. Brussels sees migration as inevitable and good. It seeks to turn what is illegal migration and illegal immigration into something that is legal and regulated, therefore encouraged.

For example, the Commission claims there isn’t any migrant quota. In fact, already in 2016, in the Commission’s original recommendation, they included a possibility whereby the member states could make financial contributions instead of receiving asylum seekers. According to another text, recently published on their official website, “To coordinate European efforts in the long term the Commission has proposed to set up a permanent Union Resettlement Framework”.

In its response this week, the Commission argued that “resettlement of refugees from outside the EU always was and will always be on a purely voluntary basis.” If true, then why is the Commission proposing to set up a Resettlement Framework?

The Commission claims they are not infringing upon the Member States’ authority to defend their national borders. But why then does Brussels always use the term “border management” instead of “border protection” and “border defense”. And in their denial this week, they had nothing to say about Commission President Juncker’s statement that “Europe will never be a fortress” – why not? – and the very explicit statement of Chancellor Merkel that “Jean-Claude Juncker has already put forward a proposal that states that Frontex must be reinforced,” which means, she said, “that Member States on the external border of the EU must give up their national competencies.”

For the pro-migration majority, immigration is a positive outcome and national borders are the obstacles.

The Commission claims that they don’t want to give more money to organizations that support migration.

In fact, it has been clear for a while that Gorge Soros and the leaders of the European Union are working together in order to ease the legal restrictions on migration and the Soros network, the Soros-funded NGOs are devoted supporters. George Soros meets with EU leaders more frequently than prime ministers or heads of state. And the European Parliament with its vote in January, for example, supported the tripling of funding for pro-immigration NGOs, which is perfectly consistent with the 6th point of the plan that Soros published.

The Commission also denies that the migrant visa eases immigration.

They call it a “humanitarian visa.” The idea came up last October, during a session of the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee, where Juan Fernando López Aguilar, the Socialist MEP behind the initiative, claimed that “the document is the result of a broad compromise, with which we are sending a message to people who are in the most vulnerable situation.” It’s not clear how much voter support it has. Initially, it was rejected by the EP, but one month later it was accepted by a large majority.

And the Commission denies they want to reduce funding for countries that oppose migration.

In fact, the European Union, in the next Multiannual Financial Framework, intends to introduce a new mechanism that would link EU funding to compliance with certain “rule-of-law requirements”. And of course it is the EU who would set up these requirements and rules.

Look, the European Commission can hide behind the language of bureaucrats and argue until it’s blue in the face that these plans do not exist. But it’s very, very hard to look at the evidence, all that the European Commission has said and done over the past few years, and say that they are responding to citizens and doing everything they can to secure the borders, crack down on illegal immigration and discourage further illegal migration to Europe.

The citizens have a right to know.