Leftist theory of Hungarian betrayal within NATO is getting out of hand

The pro-war fervor fueled by the Left, attempting to capture the minds and souls of leaders and citizens amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, proves the necessity of Hungary remaining the voice of reason and an advocate of peace in these troubling times.

Recently, the Hungarian government announced its concerns over the immediate admission of Sweden into NATO. As I have written previously on this blog, we suggested first strengthening the soured relationship between the two countries.

Of course, the usual pro-war circle of NGO-funded liberal mouthpieces felt the need to jump in and declare Hungary the disloyal, unfaithful, Trojan horse — the supposed Russian satellite of the alliance.

In all honesty, cracks quickly start to show as we read through the unfounded claims from the members of this anti-Hungary dream team.

For years, the Hungarian government has made several attempts to show our critics that we nurture an environment where institutional and political questions are separated on the grounds of reason, not to mention the mere practicality of long-term cooperation.

And what we see time and time again is that the Left arbitrarily taints any issue with their ideological debates. They insist Hungary is not a reliable member of NATO. Here’s why they’re wrong.

First, Hungary is indeed a loyal member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and has been since we joined in 1999. Nothing in the leftist rhetoric is able to show any examples from or exact deeds by Hungary that would suggest otherwise. And that’s for a very good reason.

With the national government in power since 2010, the largest revamping campaign of our armed forces is currently being realized. We are dedicating the funds and skills required to meet and exceed Hungary’s commitment to the alliance.

Secondly, we are stepping up in every aspect of cooperation while guaranteeing our long-term sovereign needs, laying the groundwork for our own industrial backbone to support our armed forces for years to come.

Therefore, as we are invested in bolstering our commitments toward NATO, it is only natural that we voice our political concerns when they arise, such as in the case of Sweden. We have stated numerous times that our intent is merely to clear up our previous disputes.

Lastly, as a Hungarian, the sheer audacity of our liberal opponents to criticize the serious leap we have made to fulfill our commitments toward NATO is a punch well below the belt.

During the previous, socialist governments, the Hungarian Defense Forces were in a state of total neglect, as they spent day and night selling off everything for nickels and dimes and introducing budget cuts that directly impacted national defense. Their intent was to solely rely on our allies while trying to take as much money out of the pot as possible.

This is what the current and past Orbán governments have had to deal with. And yet, figures from those same socialist governments are coming back to criticize us for the very thing they intentionally failed to deliver. We want to have a say in the future of NATO and shape a safer, better future for generations to come. But security only comes with power, and, unlike the left, we are willing to work hard to make Hungary more powerful.