Mobile billboard coming to a street near you: Verhofstadt says, “We don’t have a migration crisis”

Today, the government of Hungary unveiled a mobile billboard showing images from the scenes of terrorist attacks in Europe and a reminder of the hundreds that have died in those heinous acts of violence since 2015.

Next to those images, the billboard features a picture of Guy Verhofstadt and the liberal’s infamous words, “We don’t have a migration crisis.”

That’s insane.

The mobile billboard will be making the rounds in the coming days, in Budapest and Brussels, to remind Europe’s citizens just what Verhofstadt and his cabal of liberals stand for. They drive a pro-migration agenda completely at odds with what the people want.

Hundreds have died in terrorist attacks in Europe since 2015. But Guy Verhofstadt says “We don’t have a migration crisis.” He and his cabal of European liberals are pushing a pro-migration agenda. We think it’s crazy and we won’t let it go unanswered.