Orbán: Let’s work hard, stand firm, and we will win!

In a recent television interview, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán discussed the results of the European Parliament elections and their broader implications.

A Record-Breaking Result

The prime minister began by reflecting on the impressive outcome of the European Parliament elections, where the ruling coalition achieved 44.6% of the vote, marking a European record. He emphasized that this level of support is unprecedented, stating, "More people voted for us in this European election than ever before. It's essential to look at the absolute numbers, not just the percentages." With a voter turnout of 57%, Orbán praised the health and vibrancy of Hungarian democracy, expressing gratitude to the electorate.

The Stakes of the Election

Prime Minister Orbán underscored the critical nature of the election, framed by the dichotomy of war and peace. "Mobilization was crucial," Orbán noted, "because the election was about the choice between war and peace." This election was particularly complex, involving both European and local municipal elections. Despite the challenging circumstances, PM Orbán noted that the results are a testament to the enduring trust and increased support for his government.

Strategic Wins and Losses

Reflecting on the local government elections, PM Orbán acknowledged both victories and setbacks. The ruling coalition won back four county-level cities but lost three compared to 2019. However, they remain the strongest force in all county assemblies, including Budapest. Prime Minister Orbán highlighted the need for diligent work, stating, "We must work harder. I have always believed in hard work. The campaign is just the final outcome."

European Alliances and Peace Efforts

Discussing European alliances, the prime pointed to the importance of monitoring European parties, especially given the accelerating push towards war by some European politicians. He praised the significant shift in France, where peace parties won by a large margin. "We managed to slow down Europe's rush into war. We won the first half, 1-0. Now, we await Donald Trump to bring victory in the second half," he stated optimistically.

Strengthening Political Position

PM Orbán also touched on the potential realignment of power in the European Parliament, suggesting that a coalition between conservative factions could become the second strongest force. He stated, "If the two right-wing factions, the conservatives (ECR) and the Identity and Democracy group (ID), agree and we join them, they will be the second strongest force in the EP."

A Call to Continued Effort

Concluding his interview, Orbán stressed the importance of time, effort, and humility in politics. He acknowledged the challenging times and the need for stability and predictability in public safety and employment. The prime minister highlighted the resilience and determination required to secure future victories, asserting:

"Let’s work hard, stand firm, and when the time comes, we will win, just as we have in past elections. There is no party in Hungary that wouldn’t trade places with us happily."