PM Orbán addresses key issues: Presidential change, child safety, and NATO membership

In a comprehensive address to Hungary’s National Assembly, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán outlined a day of crucial decisions, including the election of a new president and the approval of Sweden's NATO membership.

PM Orbán thanked the outgoing president for her service, highlighting that her resignation, triggered by a controversial pardon decision, was appropriate given Hungary's stringent zero-tolerance stance on crimes committed against children.

The prime minister stressed, "In Hungary, children enjoy absolute, full-scope protection. The perpetrator must be punished, and the sentence served. There are no loopholes, no privileges, no conditional freedoms, no mercy."

This strong statement underscores the government's commitment to safeguarding children, with a legislative review aimed at ensuring such a situation cannot recur. The prime minister ordered an investigation into the management of all child protection institutions to enforce rigorous suitability standards, covering lifestyle, sexual deviance, and psychological fitness.

Addressing the parliament, PM Orbán announced the initiation of legislative actions to prevent convicted pedophiles from being eligible for conditional release under any circumstances, a move reflecting the necessity of tightening legal frameworks to protect children more effectively.

On the international front, the prime minister confirmed Hungary's support for Sweden's accession to NATO, emphasizing the alliance's critical role in mutual defense and the importance of resolving disputes before welcoming a new member.

Regarding foreign attempts to meddle in this process, he remarked, "Before we let a new member into this alliance, we must first settle our disputes. Hungary and Sweden, as long-established European countries, know how to resolve our differences without the need for unsolicited guardianship or disrespectful intervention."

The speech also touched on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with PM Orbán expressing sorrow for the victims and reaffirming Hungary's support via one of the largest humanitarian aid programs in the country's history. He reiterated Hungary's stance that the conflict has no military solution, advocating for an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's address to the National Assembly was a call to action on several fronts: ensuring a smooth presidential transition that maintains Hungary's stability and strength, reaffirming the nation's commitment to child protection, advancing Hungary's defense capabilities through international cooperation, and promoting peace in the region.