PM Orbán: Hungarians have the right to know what’s going on in Brussels

In his regular Kossuth Rádió interview this morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke about the European Parliamentary election campaign, the importance of informing Hungarians about Brussels’ plans and touched upon the early responses to the government’s latest pro-family package.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán kicked off the discussion on Good Morning Hungary highlighting the European Commission’s response to the Hungarian government’s billboard campaign revealing Brussels’ plans on migration. The Prime Minister said the Commission’s move to deny everything is anything but surprising, adding that Europe is facing a very important election in May, therefore it is vital to let people know what they are voting for, and what’s at stake. 

“In the run-up to any election, we should clarify the facts,” PM Orbán explained, adding that “from the government’s information campaign, the Hungarian people can now understand what migration tools Brussels wants to deploy with pro-migration forces behind it.”

According to the PM, somebody has to take the blame for all the wrong decisions that have been made recently, and – in his view – it should be the heads of EU institutions. “We are accountable to the Hungarian people, not to the European Commission,” PM Orbán said, adding that the European elite can’t accept the criticism, which is an “impossible attitude” in any democratic system. Now we can point the finger at who’s responsible, PM Orbán said, adding that we ought to make sure to elect leaders “who won’t make the same mistakes again.”

On immigration, the Prime Minister said that instead of providing real assistance to nation states in terms of border protection, Brussels advertises programs that would bring migrants into the European Union in a legally regulated manner. “Migrants came to Europe because they didn’t protect the borders,” PM Orbán said referring to EU plans on the extension of Frontex.

Turning to the recently announced seven-point family support package, the prime minister rejected the idea that the new policy would divide society. He reminded that through the participation of 1.3 million Hungarians in the latest national consultation, the government successfully created “national unity” on the topic and “we should serve this unity through our work.”

“There is a large number of people who think that family and children are the most important […] and we are offering an opportunity to these people,” PM Orbán concluded.