PM Orbán: ‘If we make the wrong decision, Hungary will become an immigrant country’

“If we don’t want to become an immigrant country we’ll have to join our forces and fight this battle together,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, adding that with the upcoming elections Hungary’s future is at stake.

In his regular Friday morning interview on Kossuth Radio’s program 180 Minutes, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talked about what’s at stake in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the UN’s migration pact and Central Europe’s role in the European Union.

“In politics, there is only one thing that is adequate: clear, straightforward talk,” PM Orbán began the interview this morning. Speaking about the decision Hungarian voters will have to make on April 8th, the prime minister pointed out that “if we don’t want to become an immigrant country, we’ll have to join our forces and fight this battle together.”

He said that they should prepare for a situation when in the end there’ll be only two candidates in each electoral district: one who is eager to protect Hungary’s security, and another one backed by billionaire George Soros and his pro-migration groups.

“If we make the wrong decision, Hungary will become an immigrant country,” PM Orbán warned.

Commenting on the draft version of the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, the prime minister said that even though negative news abounds, Hungary is not alone. We have allies and we are going to win this fight.

“In the UN, migrant-producing countries are the majority, but we are also many and we are also powerful. The United States, for example, doesn’t want a future where immigration is a human right and fences are torn down,” PM Orbán said, citing Australia, Japan, Italy, Austria, Bavaria and the V4 as further examples.

“From a migration perspective,” the prime minister said, “Hungary is a dead end: whoever comes here can’t continue his or her journey towards the West. Whoever comes here will have to stay with us,” he said, adding that “if the water spills and the dike collapses, it’s impossible to put the water back in the river.”

Addressing the European Commission’s ongoing procedure against Poland, the prime minister explained why Poland is in the crosshairs. “The reason why they keep Poland under siege is that if they manage to impair Poland, all of Central Europe will be weakened along with the anti-migration stance,” he said.

“Although Hungary has recently achieved great results, the work must be continued,” Prime Minister Orbán said.