PM Orbán in Parliament: We will resolve this crisis even without the opposition

Following his press statement this morning, Prime Minister Orbán spoke in Parliament about the state of the country’s defenses against the coronavirus pandemic. Although he was clear that the government is ready to act with or without the opposition, the PM implored everyone to "rise to the challenge" of these “difficult times.”

After reiterating the main points of his statement this morning at the Coronavirus Operational Group’s press conference, Prime Minister Orbán engaged in a Q&A with opposition politicians in the Hungarian Parliament.

“Our goal is to flatten the pandemic’s curve so that the healthcare system doesn’t stop functioning for a single second,” Prime Minister Orbán said responding to a question. “We don’t seek a three-month mandate,” the PM explained. “Once the [proposed coronavirus] law has been passed, Parliament can decide at any time to withdraw the rights.”

Directing his remarks at opposition MPs, Prime Minister Orbán said that instead of political debates, right now we need cooperation. “We will resolve this crisis even without the opposition,” the PM said, adding that he needs 133 “brave people” and asked opposition members of Parliament to trade uncertainty for courage.

“Hungary was one of the first countries to order a state of emergency,” Orbán reminded Parliament.

On the distribution of healthcare supplies, the prime minister said that “everything is moving forward in a way that is similar to a military mobilization, in a logical order.” This is why doctors and nurses working in intensive care are on the top of the list. He further stated that “Hungary follows the testing procedure prescribed by WHO,” adding that the government is also contemplating different forms of curfew as there are different rules in every country.

“These will be difficult times; everyone should rise to the challenge,” PM Orbán said in closing.

Photo credit: MTI