PM Orbán: László Trócsányi’s only “sin” is that he helped keep Hungary safe from immigration

In this morning’s radio interview, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talked about his latest visit to Rome, the attempts of pro-migration forces to prevent László Trócsányi from becoming European Commissioner, and the resurrection of the migrant quota system.

In his regular Friday morning interview on Kossuth Radio’s program Good Morning, Hungary, Prime Minister Orbán began with Brussels’ intention to prevent László Trócsányi, Hungary’s nominee for European Commissioner, from taking on the position. The former Minister of Justice, the PM said, is being criticized by the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee for his stance against immigration.

“The situation has not changed; László Trócsányi is an outstanding man, an internationally recognized lawyer, and an experienced diplomat. […] His only ‘sin’ is that he helped the Government–and me personally–to protect Hungary from immigration and ensured that no one could enter Hungary illegally without documents,” PM Orbán said, adding that Hungary will never yield to the pressure of pro-migration forces.

The prime minister confirmed that he had already begun talks with incoming Commission President Ursula von der Leyen about the issue. “There is a fierce struggle between those who oppose migration and those who support it. […]. It is a prime minister’s responsibility to think ahead, so I have a second, third, and fourth option up my sleeve,” the PM said.

Touching upon last week’s visit to Rome, PM Orbán pointed out that, contrary to the opinion of Italian PM Giuseppe Conte, Hungary is ready to help Italy cope with immigration. Although it will do so through border protection, not via distribution. “However, there are things that we cannot do,” PM Orbán warned. For example, “we will not help open ports, transport migrants, and distribute these people in Europe.”

Shifting the topic to the Maltese pact on migration, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the pro-migration bloc wants to revive migrant quotas and force them upon EU member states. While Hungary will seek legal avenues to tackle the resurrection of the migrant quota system, PM Orbán expressed hope that the policy can be stopped in the European Council by the heads of state and government there.

“There is only one continent that, by yielding to its suicidal tendency, does not protect its own identity. This continent is Europe,” the PM observed towards the end of his remarks, adding that the word distribution is in fact an invitation for immigrants.