PM Orbán: Migration will not solve demographic problems

The main commitment of Hungarian family policy is to turn children into an economic advantage. We want women to be able to choose whether to work or not, without any financial pressure, Viktor Orbán said at the 4th Budapest Demographic Summit.

Western civilization cannot reproduce itself, the prime minister pointed out, adding that some regard migration as the solution to this issue. However, this does not consider the cultural dimension of the demographic problem, PM Orbán stressed. It may be possible to replace a country’s labor force from outside of Europe, but European coexistence is not possible without a common culture and traditions, he underlined.

Orbán said that he and his Czech and Slovenian counterparts, Adrej Babiš and Janez Janša, want to jointly persuade EU politicians to not support migration. Regarding Serbia, the Hungarian prime minister said that we must convince the EU to stop using the Balkans as a buffer zone for their own convenience. The EU cannot be complete without Serbia and its region, and Hungary will support Serbia's integration.

Speaking about the government’s family policy, he said it is built on five pillars: children should be an economic advantage, families should be able to live in their own homes, family policy should be based on mothers, the country must be made family-friendly, and families and their benefits should be supported by law.

The PM also said that national consultations and referendums are being held to strengthen Hungary’s family protection plan, while in Western Europe and Brussels, no one has ever asked the people about LGBTQ propaganda and migration.

Prime Minister Orbán also noted that Pope Francis had encouraged him to pursue a policy of family protection.