PM Orbán: Only traditional Christian family policy can help us out of the demographic crisis

The EU’s demographic problems should not be solved by migration but by appropriate family policies, as this is the only way to preserve the EU’s cultural diversity, Prime Minister Orbán said in Bled, Slovenia, where he was attending a panel discussion of European political leaders.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán participated in the discussion entitled “Leaders’ Panel – Future of Europe – To Stand and Withstand” at the Bled Strategic Forum on Wednesday. The central theme of the meeting was the future of Europe, and the Hungarian prime minister shared his position on the EU’s demographic crisis, migration and EU enlargement.

He said the approach applied in 2015, that is, uncontrolled migration, could destroy the cultural identity of Europe, and the current situation in Afghanistan is threatening Europe again with massive waves of migrants heading to the continent, posing a challenge to our common Christian heritage. He added that it may also result in terrorism and lead to social difficulties for which we are not prepared.

That is why the Hungarian government does not accept immigration as an appropriate response to demographic problems and believes in the traditional, Christian family model, the PM said, underlining that Hungary doesn’t want to change the cultural identity of the country.

As the dispute on migration is leading to disagreements and difficulties within the EU, and it seems “we are not able to bridge this gap of opinions,” the prime minister believes the right to decide on immigration policy should remain with Member States.

With regard to EU enlargement, he highlighted Serbia as the key country here, because without its accession, there is no point in talking about security or any kind of “whole European identity.” PM Orbán said that geopolitically, the EU needs Serbia more than the other way around, as in light of the present crisis, without Serbia, the EU will suffer greatly in terms of security.

In response to a question on his vision of Europe, Viktor Orbán said it is “to stay together, but the question is how.” The PM regards economic success as the precondition for this because otherwise, there is no political basis for common values.