PM Orbán: “Order is the foundation of liberty”

“Order is the foundation of liberty,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a solemn assembly of the 100-year-old Hungarian police force on Friday in the Parliament.

“That is why we protect borders, curb migrants, stand on the side of victims, condemn and liquidate the prison business, raise our children in a healthy family and with a national consciousness, and support our police and take pride in their success,” said the prime minister.

He pointed out that after an age of liberal and global illusions, the era of sobriety is "knocking on our door," as evidenced, for example, by a tougher migration policy that is taking shape in Europe, in strong state action against the coronavirus, and in the general strengthening of Europe. PM Orbán also noted that there is a philosophical debate in law enforcement today as to whether there are any communities at all, and if such communities are good or bad, right or wrong. “The answer to this depends on whether the police are seen as a body that guarantees the security of everyday life or state-run, violent organizations that serve as an obstacle to individual development.

According to PM Orbán, the response of today's Hungarian state is that it is valuable and respectable behavior if one is able to subordinate one’s selfish tendencies to the common interest, "to show self-control rather than disinhibition, humility rather than rudeness." Therefore, today's constitutional rules, state order and system of government necessitate the existence and work of the police, which, in the interests of the community, curbs "our sometimes inferior self."

The prime minister emphasized that the “former and present members of the 100-year-old police force are connected by their commitment to service,” adding that “Hungarian police have stood their ground for the last 100 years and today are proud to present themselves as members of a great national body.

The work of police officers is important not only in Hungary, said the prime minister, but it also plays an important role in international life. “In today's turbulent world, order and security have become extremely valuable ‘products,’ and their rate of exchange will rise even further,” he said, adding that “Hungary's strong economic and diplomatic position in the world today is also due to the fact that the country can operate in an orderly and secure environment and that the economy can perform under such conditions. This is also the reason why police officers clearly see that Hungarian people place their confidence in them each and every day.”