The Soros network is inside the Biden administration

The Soros network is already deeply embedded in the U.S. government, with Governing for Impact influencing the Biden administration's decisions down to the level of concrete wording.

Fox News recently reported that Governing for Impact (GFI), the multi-million-dollar NGO, which is backed by George Soros’ foundation and whose board includes Open Society Foundations (OSF) Executive Director Tom Perriello, has drafted a number of federal-level government proposals in the United States that have already been lobbied for implementation. All of this has been done in secret, as GFI is not even listed on some internet search engines, such as Google, and until Fox News’ revealing article, it had been almost completely absent from any press or news coverage.

The existence of GFI as a phantom organization was spotted by an employee of the conservative non-profit Capital Research Center and reported to Fox News. Parker Thayer stumbled upon the NGO only after it placed an ad — which has since been deleted — on Harvard Law School’s website seeking legal interns. The Soros organization boasted in the ad that it had already submitted more than 60 in-depth regulatory proposals to about a dozen federal agencies. These, they said, would prepare the Biden administration for "transformative governance.”

Sounds menacing. But what does it mean in practice?

GFI's commitment to the Democratic Party, coupled with its combative anti-Trump stance, is also set out plainly on the organization’s website. According to its own statement, GFI aims to undo the actions of former Republican President Donald Trump, which they describe as harmful. And in a detailed agenda, they discuss how they would neutralize Trump's regulatory legacy in areas such as education, environment, health, housing and labor.

Inside GFI’s board of directors, we find only loyal Soros mercenaries: Besides OSF director Tom Perriello, Sam Fulwood III, dean at the Soros-funded American University, is also a member of the four-person board. Another member is Ilyse Hogue, who for eight years was the president of the pro-abortion organization NARAL Pro-Choice America, also linked to the billionaire speculator. Then, there is Jess Morales Rocketto, director of civic engagement at the National Domestic Workers Alliance, yet another organization with close ties to George Soros.

This story goes on to illustrate how George Soros’ shady organizations are influencing U.S. governmental policy from behind the scenes, through biased proposals filled with neoliberal utopia.

I only have one question left: Had Mr. Thayer not discovered the job ad on Harvard Law’s website, when would we have been informed about the suspicious intertwining of the Biden administration and our “progressive,” neoliberal, anti-Trump and anti-Orbán critics?