Upcoming national consultation: Let’s talk about migration

While most of the questions in the next national consultation concern the economic reboot, families, and the steps necessary for the effective protection against new waves of the epidemic, we must also talk about migration in the post-pandemic era.

We are living in the age of epidemics and mass migration. Therefore, besides addressing the obvious issues surrounding the economic reboot, family support measures, and epidemiological protection in the upcoming, 11th national consultation campaign, we must also talk about the potential problems of mass migration into Europe.

While Hungary, and Europe as a whole, has spent the last nearly one and a half years containing and defeating the deadly virus, certain developments on our southern borders have begun to show worrying signs. But, of course, you are not going to hear about these from our left-liberal critics.

In 2021 so far, Hungarian border guards have apprehended more than 38,000 illegal immigrants near our southern border fence. In contrast, the same figure last year stood at only 10,000.

Brussels, however, doesn’t seem to have learned from its past mistakes, as EU bureaucrats are still pushing the same concept of distributing illegals among EU member states. Hungary’s standpoint on the issue nevertheless remains unchanged, plus migration could also carry serious epidemiological risks and further implications for public health.

Three questions in the upcoming national consultation concern migration:

We are asking Hungarians whether we Hungary should cave to the pressure of Soros-organizations and alter our migration policy, which states that illegal migrants must be stopped at our borders and help should be given instead to those places where trouble exists. That is, in their respective countries of departure.

In another question, the Hungarian government aims to assess public opinion with regard to obligatory migrant resettlement quotas.

Ultimately, we must weigh the views of Hungarians as to whether or not migration will actually be necessary for Europe in the post-pandemic era. Our proposal, as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said earlier this week, is that Europe must not let any migrants in within the next two years.

Stay tuned, the official questionnaire will be out soon!