US Congressmen send letter of “strong support” to PM Orbán: ‘No one but the Hungarian people should decide on these policies’

A group of US congressmen have expressed their “strong support” to Prime Minister Orbán and his democratically elected government following the “decision by the European Parliament to punish Hungary for exercising its rights to sovereignty and the promotion of its national identity.”

The letter signed by 12 US congressmen, dated November 27 and addressed to Prime Minister Orbán, stands in sharp opposition to the European Parliament’s recent political affront to Hungary in its vote to adopt the Sargentini Report and recommend Article 7 proceedings. 

The text, which was posted to Twitter by Congressman Andy Harris of Maryland, goes on to affirm the Orbán Government’s decision to protect Hungary’s border and fight mass illegal migration and stand up for strong, national sovereignty based on Judeo-Christian heritage. “Your victory in April 2018,” they write, “clearly demonstrated the strong mandate from the Hungarian people” to pursue these policies.

“We are also grateful that you stood up in the European Parliament against anti-Semitism and against Brussels’ support of anti-Israel sentiments,” the letter says. “We commend your efforts and stand with you in supporting and defending our common ally, Israel, within the EU and other international forums.”

The Congressmen then go on to outline the “common ground our countries share on several issues,” including strong economic ties, the fight against terrorism, support of persecuted Christians and “mutual belief in robust border security and a strong national defense”.

Read the full text of the letter here.