About Hungary relaunches with new look and vibe

The Hungarian Government’s official English-language information portal abouthungary.hu today relaunches with a new look and style.


abouthungary.hu has been a staple of the English-speaking community in Hungary for over six years now, bringing readers the latest news, views and opinions from the official communications team. Today the website relaunches with a new look and vibe to bring even more news and commentary direct from the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister to phone and computer screens across the world.

As the official English-language website of the Hungarian Government, abouthungary.hu takes a stand against widespread misinformation in the international media about Hungary and the Hungarian Government. We are also the official source when it comes to economic news, Prime Minister’s speeches, international affairs, investments, family policy decisions, migration and more.

abouthungary.hu’s revamp will include extended governmental news coverage, a regular blog from Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Communications and Relations, and other political exclusives.

“About Hungary’s new look has been implemented to bring the English-speaking world the latest news right from the heart of the Hungarian Government,” said Kovács. “We are the official voice of the government, not only to get our side across but to fight misinformation about the Hungarian Government published by the media worldwide.“

For more information on About Hungary’s new look, contact the Hungarian Government’s international press office: intcomm@mk.gov.hu