Agriculture Minister: Malaysia is an important partner of Hungary

Hungary should work to restore its economic ties with Malaysia to pre-pandemic levels, Minister Nagy said.

Agriculture Minister István Nagy said Hungary and Malaysia should strengthen their relations in trade, plant cultivation, education and science.

After talks with Datuk Seri Haji Mohamad Bin Sabu, Malaysia’s minister of agriculture and food security, in Budapest on Thursday, Minister Nagy said Malaysia is an important partner of Hungary. He added that though the two countries were far apart, they faced the same problems, such as global climate change. Hungary should work to restore its economic ties with Malaysia to pre-pandemic levels, Nagy said. Hungary ranks high in seed production, he said, noting that the country is home to one of the largest gene banks that could help give a practical response to challenges posed by climate change. Opportunities in the export of breeding animals and finished products like pork, beef or rabbit meat can also be tapped, he added. Meanwhile, Nagy said there were several Malaysian students studying at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences on a scholarship. “They are the guarantee for successful political and economic relations between the two countries,” the minister said. But Hungary and Malaysia should also make progress in the exchange of their researchers, as the challenges posed by extreme weather require a joint response, he said. Hungary is prepared to share its experiences in the use of precision technologies for food safety, Nagy said. Hungary can be a gateway for Malaysian products to the European Union’s markets, he added. During their meeting, the two ministers signed a declaration of intent on cooperation in agriculture.