Balázs Orbán advocates for stronger European connectivity amid global tensions

In a recent Euronews opinion piece, Balázs Orbán outlines Hungary's vision for a cohesive Europe, emphasizing the need for unity and strategic partnerships in the face of rising global divisions.

Balázs Orbán, a member of the Hungarian parliament and political director for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, recently expressed Hungary's commitment to strengthening Europe's global positioning through enhanced connectivity. In his opinion piece for Euronews, Balázs Orbán discusses the importance of maintaining open economic frameworks and strategic partnerships, particularly with China, to navigate the complexities of the current geopolitical landscape.

"Our vision of connectivity is essential for Europe’s ability to become strong again," Orbán writes, highlighting Hungary's role as a bridge between East and West. He points to Hungary's initiatives such as expanding energy connections and revitalizing key transport routes like the Budapest-Belgrade railway as examples of Hungary's proactive approach to fostering global ties.

Orbán's commentary comes ahead of Hungary's upcoming presidency of the Council of the European Union, where he assures that Hungary will demonstrate how Europe can benefit from a strategy of "prudent connectivity." Amidst escalating global tensions, particularly between China and the U.S., Orbán stresses the importance of keeping Europe "cool, calm, and connected."

"The increasing logic of bloc formation...poses a number of clear dangers," Orbán explains, advocating for a unified European response to external pressures that respects the sovereignty and economic prosperity of its member states. This strategic vision, according to Orbán, is crucial not only for Hungary but for the success of Europe as a whole.