Balázs Orbán: Hungary advocates for EU-wide adoption of laws similar to Georgia's transparency of foreign influence law

In a recent statement, Balázs Orbán, the Political Director to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, strongly defended Georgia's new law aimed at enhancing transparency regarding foreign influence.

Balázs Orbán, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's political director, has openly expressed his disapproval of the European Union's stance on Georgia's recently passed "Law on the Transparency of Foreign Influence." The EU has urged Georgia to repeal this legislation, which is designed to shield the nation from unwanted foreign interventions. However, Hungary has taken a different approach by using its veto power against a joint EU statement denouncing the law.

"Our intention is not to veto Georgia’s Law on the Transparency of Foreign Influence, but to encourage the introduction of similar laws across the EU," Balázs Orbán stated. He emphasized the importance of such legislation, arguing that "Protecting one’s sovereignty from unwanted foreign interference is not a threat but a precondition for democracy."

According to Orbán, the Georgian law, by making foreign influences more transparent, serves as a protective measure for national sovereignty and as a reinforcement for democratic processes. He strongly believes that more European countries should adopt similar laws. "The Georgian law promotes transparency in foreign interventions, protects sovereignty, and strengthens democracy. Europe needs more such legislation!" he declared.

In his call to action, Balázs Orbán highlighted that rather than condemning Georgia's approach, the European Union should consider following its lead. His remarks underscore a significant divergence in perspectives between Hungary and other EU member states regarding the balance between national sovereignty and collective European policies on foreign influence.