Bataclan terrorists made their way to Paris through Hungary

Hungarian authorities have ascertained that over ten terrorists involved in terror attacks travelled through or stayed in Hungary between July and November 2015

It has been revealed that the Bataclan shooters who killed 89 people in a terror attack in Paris plotted their murder spree in Budapest.

Terror suspects arrived among the wave of migrants travelling through Hungary and were responsible for both the Bataclan shootings and a series of bombings in Brussels.

Brussels bombings mastermind Salah Abdeslam and his accomplices left Hungary to carry out the terrorist attacks November 13, 2015.

Abdeslam met two other men in Hungary who later blew themselves up in the series of suicide bombings after they returned from Syria. The mastermind behind the terrorist cell that committed the Paris and Brussels attacks visited Hungary on as many as three occasions.

According to reports by Magyar Idők, Hungarian authorities have ascertained that over ten terrorists involved in terrror attacks travelled through or stayed in Hungary between July and November 2015.

Information obtained suggests that three men – 29-year old Omar Mostefai, 28-year-old Samy Amimour, both Algerian, and 23-year-old Moroccan Foued Mohamed-Aggad –  trained by the Islamic State terrorist group arrived in Hungary through the migratory route leading across the Balkans in September 2015.

Once they arrived in Budapest, the three men booked rooms in the Grand Park Hotel in Budapest’s District XIV with the help of a Syrian people smuggler and checked in with false passports and identities.

The three terrorists then plotted and waited and did not leave their rooms until September 16, their day of departure, keeping contact with their associates with top-up mobile phones and regularly changing SIM cards.

On September 16, the group travelled to the nearby Keleti pályaudvar railway station, where Omar Mostefai withdrew 1,000 euros transferred to them by a Belgian associate of Salah Abdeslam through a well-known money transfer system.

Abdeslam, who arrived in Hungary on September 17, met the two men at around 14:40 at a car park next to the station, where they talked for a short while.

However, as proven by a photocopy of Abdeslam’s residence permit, Abdeslam was soon at Hotel 30, a hotel converted from a larger flat in an apartment building.

At around 22:00 that day, Abdeslam returned to Keleti pályaudvar with an Audi A6 vehicle, picked up the three men and headed towards Austria, the report claims.

Mostefai, Amimour and Mohamed-Aggad were the three men who committed the attack at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, claiming the lives of 89 victims.

In March, the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported that Abdeslam was seen in the Hungarian town of Sopron near the border with Austria by a member of the public in January 2016. He was finally captured March 18, 2016, by Belgian police in Brussels.