Deutsch: Talks between EC and Hungarian government are “encouraging”

There is a good chance of reaching an agreement and Hungary gaining access to EU funds that have been withheld for political reasons.

Tamás Deutsch, the head of the Fidesz delegation in the European Parliament, said talks between the European Commission and the Hungarian government are “encouraging”; there is a “good chance” of reaching an agreement and Hungary gaining access to EU funds that have been “withheld for political reasons”.

Speaking to Kossuth Radio, Deutsch said the next seven to ten days will be decisive in terms of the expected outcome of the talks, as Hungarian and European left-wing political forces have not given up their attacks, “conducted in the most sordid manner”, on national, conservative, right-wing Christian democratic governments all over Europe. He noted that EP Vice President Katarina Barley, a Social Democrat, recently suggested that the EU should “financially starve” Hungary and Poland. Leftist forces are leading a “seedy political campaign to undermine European cooperation and unity” and want to thwart an agreement between the EC and the Hungarian government, he said. Addressing the impact of war-related sanctions, Deutsch chided “bureaucrats in Brussels” for “adding fuel to the fire” instead of taking diplomatic measures in the interest of a cease-fire and peace talks. He said Hungary would “refuse to even discuss” any potential sanctions on energy that are contrary to Hungary’s national interests. He also said that a proposal for the EU to borrow to help Ukraine was “out of the question”. Hungary remains open to aiding Ukraine, but strictly on a bilateral basis, he added.