EU in limbo after Brussels summit

Thursday’s EU summit in Brussels failed to find a compromise regarding its new leader. Government spokesman István Hollik said V4 leaders are “now more united than they had been five years ago.”

A meeting of the European Council failed to agree on who will be its next leader in a summit held in Brussels on Thursday, but the Visegrád Four remains a tight-knit unit.

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, announced late on Thursday that the meeting failed to reach a conclusion and that EU leaders will reconvene on June 30th.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was somewhat more pessimistic, saying that a crisis must be averted while Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said there was no progress at the meeting and he doubts the next one will yield a solution.

Chancellor Merkel also said that until the next summit Tusk will continue negotiations with the various factions of the European Parliament to facilitate progress.

Government spokesman István Hollik told Hungarian television that the V4 leaders are “now more united than they had been five years ago”, adding that none of the group supports the candidacy of CDU’s Manfred Weber to head the European Commission.

Merkel – previously a strong supporter of Weber – told journalists that she would only comment on Weber once the “process has been completed”.

But perhaps the most interesting development was that after the meeting French President Emmanuel Macron said that he wouldn’t be opposed to a German candidate to the Commission Presidency, provided that candidate is Angela Merkel.

Photo credit: MTI