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PM Orbán holds talks with EU leaders

PM Orbán has held preparatory talks for the next EU summit with European Council President Charles Michel, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Cypriot president as well as his Italian, Slovenian,...

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EU in limbo after Brussels summit

Thursday’s EU summit in Brussels failed to find a compromise regarding its new leader. Government spokesman István Hollik said V4 leaders are “now more united than they had been five years ago.”

Jun 21, 2019

Prime Minister Orbán: We cannot give in to extortion

Recently, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel sent an ultimatum to the Visegrád countries. The essence of the ultimatum was that by the end of June, if a consensus is not reached in the European Council, then the mandatory migrant quota system will be adopted with a qualified majority vote - overruling dissenters.

Feb 14, 2018 - Zoltán Kovács