Eurasian lynx roams free in Hungary

The volcanic Börzsöny mountains provide a home to one of the world’s rarest cats, the Eurasian lynx

The Eurasian lynx still roams wild in the North Hungarian Mountains, along with other fierce predators.

The lynx is not the only rare carnivore to reside in Hungary – the brown bear, the gray wolf and the wolverine join the big cat in the wilderness.

Long-term hunting, urbanization, and the disappearing of natural habitats in the mid-20th century put many European predators at risk. Fortunately over the past few decades, society’s protection of animals and other measures to preserve the environment have seen the predators roam free once more.

Recently, news about brown bears, gray wolves in the Bükk and Zemplén Mountains and the emergence of extremely rare lynxes have appeared in the media. But the numbers are still low.

According to the most recent estimates, there are roughly 16,000 brown bears, 17,000 gray wolves, 9,000 lynx and only 1,200 wolverine living on our continent.