Fidesz party's board approves EP election list

The party assembly is expected to adopt the list on April 15, Tamás Deutsch, who also heads the list.

Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said the board of the ruling Fidesz party has approved the parliamentary group’s proposal on the party’s list for the European parliamentary elections, in agreement with the junior ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP).

The party assembly is expected to adopt the list on April 15, Deutsch, who also heads the list, said in a statement. New candidates include Balázs Győrffy, the head of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK), and Paralympian medallist fencer Pál Szekeres, he said. The representation of Hungarian farmers is especially important at a time when “farmers across Western Europe are revolting against the poisonous green ideology of Brussels,” he said. Fidesz-KDNP is running on a “national” list, Deutsch said, fielding two new candidates from Hungarian communities across the borders, Annamária Vicsek from Vojvodina and Viktória Ferenc from Transcarpathia. Andrea Bocskor and Andor Deli, who have been members of the Fidesz group in the outgoing cycle, “will continue to work in the interests of Hungarians across the borders”, he added. At the request of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, MEP Balázs Hidvéghi will continue to work as a member of the Hungarian parliament, and MEP Lívia Járóka will continue her career as an academic, Deutsch said. MEPs László Trócsányi and Edina Tóth will not run for re-election, either, he said. Deutsch said “this team is capable of actively participating in the hoped and expected right-wing turn at the EP”. “European right-wing and sovereigntist forces have a one-time chance of creating possibly the largest parliamentary group in the EP in June. We will be part of that wide-ranging right-wing sovereigntist cooperation,” he said.