FM: Hungary and Serbia have a historic friendship

“The Hungarian nation today considers the Serbian nation their brother," the foreign minister said.

Speaking at a rally in Belgrade, Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said a once historic enmity between Hungary and Serbia has turned into a historic friendship between the two countries.
Addressing a gathering of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Minister Szijjártó said in Serbian: “The Hungarian nation today considers the Serbian nation their brother.” Minister Szijjártó said the friendship that had developed between the two nations was thanks to Aleksandar Vučić, “your president”. “Under the leadership of your president, Serbia is treating the Hungarian community in Vojvodina in such a way that serves as a model for the whole world,” Minister Szijjártó said. He said both countries faced similar challenges, including “unrestrained attacks by the international liberal mainstream” over their perseverance in standing up for their national interests. “They are attacking us because we want peace in Ukraine and reject participation in increasing the risk of the war’s escalation, and … reject any diktats from abroad over our affairs,” Minister Szijjártó said. He said the attacks would not stop in the future, because the liberals “cannot digest that we Hungarians and Serbs follow our own national path and we are successful”. “But we are not going to yield to them, but will endure…” he said.