FM: Pro-war governments have “failed massively” electorally

The foreign minister said the crossing of red lines in the European Union “has started”.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said the crossing of red lines in the European Union “has started”, with the bloc ignoring Hungary's right to decide on the matter of 1.4 billion euros for financing arms deliveries to Ukraine and sending military trainers there.
Minister Szijjártó said in Luxembourg that pro-war governments had “failed massively” electorally, yet “war hysteria” had ratcheted up ever since and “they have ignored the will of the people”. During a break from the EU Foreign Affairs Council, he told a press conference that it was clear that many EU member states were preparing and gearing up for a long war. He noted that another 1.4 billion euros from the European Peace Fund would be used to finance weapons for Ukraine, “even though Hungary doesn’t assent to this”, adding that the funds essentially matched seized or frozen Russian assets. As Hungary abstained from the first vote on their use, he said EU bodies and member states had taken that as a cue to ignore Hungary’s position and its right to decide. “This is a clear red line,” the minister said, adding that disregarding common European rules had been regarded in the past as “a shameless violation”. “For is this is unacceptable, and we will protest against it with every possible means,” he added.