Hungarian village of Sajóvámos secures record for world's longest sausage

At 2,431 meters long, 16 residents from Sajóvámos made the extra long sausage in super-fast speed

The Hungarian village of Sajóvámos has secured a world record after making the longest sausage in the world.

At 2,431 meters long, the extra long sausage was made in super-fast speed, in just half a day.

Sajóvámos has a population of just over 2,100 inhabitants, and 16 of the residents took part in making the sausage to beat the previous Serbian record, which they surpassed by 400 meters.

Gábor Gál, president of the Database of Hungarian Record, announced that the sausage was a Hungarian record and expected a Guinness World Record. The village must wait for two weeks to see if the Guinness Record Association will certify the official record.