Hungary at the forefront of the EU in terms of vaccination rate

Hungary ranks third in terms of Covid-19 vaccination coverage in the European Union with only Denmark and Malta ahead.

Up until Monday, 685,247 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Hungary and 251,691 have already received the second dose of the vaccine. Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller stressed tha this makes Hungary the third best-vaccinated country in the European Union.

According to official figures, 6.94 percent of the Hungarian population has so far been inoculated compared with the EU’s average of 4.9 percent. Moreover, last week, almost two and a half times as many people were inoculated in Hungary as the EU average.

Five types of vaccines are currently available in Hungary and shipments are being constantly delivered. On Monday, 280,000 doses of Sputnik V vaccine left for Budapest, 100,000 of which will be a second dose. In addition, the number of secured Pfizer vaccines has risen to over ten million.