Hungary bids for Slovak armored fighting vehicles contract

Slovakia is expected to evaluate all international bids and pick a winner in the summer.

The Hungarian government has made an offer to Slovakia in an international bid to supply armored fighting vehicles.

Gáspár Maróth, the government commissioner in charge of defense projects, said the Lynx tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), which he called “the most modern armored fighting vehicle in the world”, will be produced in Zalaegerszeg, in western Hungary, in a joint venture with a German company. The Slovak tender has a value of around 2 billion euros, Maróth said, adding that Hungary’s “annual [military vehicle] exports could reach 1-2 billion euros by 2025-2026”. By the end of the decade those exports could amount to 3-4 billion euros, he said. Slovakia is expected to evaluate the bids and pick a winner in the summer, he said.

Photo credit: hirado.hu