Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe

In 2010, Hungary saw 440-450,000 registered crimes. By 2016, this number fell to 270,000-290,000 under the new government

Hungary is one of the safest countries in Europe, according to crime statistics.

János Lázár, the minister heading the prime minister’s office, said that illegal immigration could be a direct threat to the general level of public security that has been restored in recent years.

The minister reiterated that the Hungarian government embarked on its job in office in 2010 against the background of 440-450,000 registered crimes. By 2016 this number fell to 270,000-290,000, he said.

Minister Lázár believes that the fact that an additional 7,100 persons were hired to boost the personnel of the police was one of the factors contributing to the reduction in the number of crimes. The system of community policing and the introduction of the police career model were also responsible for the improved statistics, he added.