Hungary launches new ‘flights to nowhere’ concept

Hungary is the first European country to offer a new ‘flights to nowhere’ concept, which started on October 25.


The 'flights to nowhere' idea is a pandemic travel trend. Passengers take off and land at the same destination. Due to restrictions on traveling abroad, countries came up with different ways to ease the urge to travel.

Quantas airlines has previously offered a 7-hour sightseeing flight around Australia. Other countries known for the experience are Japan, Brunei and Taiwan. Now it has been launched in Hungary. 

The Aviation Cultural Center (Aeropark) in cooperation with Smartwings and with the support of Budapest Airport announced their very own sightseeing experience program last week. Three flights occurred on Sunday, October 25. The flights took off from Liszt Ferenc International Airport at 10:18, 12:10, and 14:08. More are planned.

The passengers were able to enjoy the domestic views of Hungary from their airplane seat. The planned flight was set for 60 minutes which included viewing the Danube Bend, Lake Balaton, Bakony and Budapest. The route was subject to change based on the weather and cloud cover that day.

Ticket prices for the ‘flights to nowhere’ cost HUF 35,000 per person for window seats. The middle and aisle seats cost HUF 26,000 per person.

Included in the ticket fee, free admission to the Aeropark Flight Museum. Once the flight landed passengers went on an one hour visit of the airport by Aeropark Ikarus buses. Face masks were mandatory on the bus and plane rides by all passengers.