Hungary marks March 15th with a national holiday to commemorate the Hungarian Revolution of 1848

The gathering on Kossuth tér on March 15th celebrates Hungarian freedom, independence and sovereignty. The official celebration will begin at 2 p.m. and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will deliver the annual address.

The national holiday on March 15th commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which developed into a war for independence from Habsburg rule.

During a press conference held in Kossuth tér outside the Parliament Building, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said that we remember that there have always been Hungarians who believed that the freedom and independence of the country were more precious than anything else.

Kovács said that like in 1848, today we must fight for Hungarian freedom and independence, and therefore we need everyone who is able and prepared to sacrifice their all for this cause.

He added that the government looks forward to seeing everyone who believes in the cause of Hungarian freedom, independence and sovereignty on Kossuth tér on March 15th. The official celebration will begin at 2 pm. and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will deliver the annual address.

We are inviting everyone who would like to commemorate the heroes of 1848 in a peaceful and celebratory atmosphere to the celebration outside the Parliament Building, Kovács added.

He added that we must not allow others to decide the fate of the country, and also for this reason it is important that as many people as possible celebrate together at Kossuth tér on Thursday.

There will also be many events held around Hungary to celebrate the holiday, which will draw thousands of attendees.

The celebrations in Budapest will begin at 9 am on March 15th, on Thursday, with the traditional hoisting of the flag. President János Áder and Speaker of the House László Kövér will also be in attendance.