Hungary sends condolences to Sweden and Egypt following terrorist attacks

“Public safety in Europe has decreased significantly," György Bakondi said

The Hungarian government is becoming increasingly concerned over Europe's security measures, following terror attacks in Sweden and Egypt.

Speaking on M1 television, György Bakondi, the chief security advisor to the prime minister, said that “public safety in Europe has decreased significantly”, and Hungary has stated from the very beginning that uncontrolled mass illegal immigration is in itself a danger to the continent.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian government has sent condolences to both nations affected by recent events, and expressed its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wish the injured a speedy recovery.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has written a letter of condolence to Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven in relation to Friday afternoon’s attack in Stockholm. While, the government strongly condemns the terror attack during Mass in the Mar Guirguis Church in Tanta, Egypt, which claimed the lives of at least 15 people and injured over 40 others.

PM Orbán wrote the following to his Swedish counterpart: “The series of attacks inflicted upon our continent are enormous shocks for all European nations, but I am convinced that we cannot bow before mindless violence. I can reassure you that my government will continue to support with all means at its disposal our joint struggle against the terrorist attacks committed against Europe.”

Hungary also expressed its solidarity with all the Egyptian people regarding the barbariac act of terrorism, which had the clear objective of undermining the national unity of Egypt.

"We greatly appreciate the determined action of the Egyptian authorities against the forces of terrorism and the government’s sustained efforts to protect its citizens, including Christians, and in particular the prompt measures taken immediately after the attack. Egypt will always be able to count on Hungary’s full support and solidarity in the fight against terrorism."

On the subject of Hungarian migration measures, the chief security advisor highlighted the fact that the number of attempts to illegally cross the border have decreased significantly since the new regulations were introduced: there are now only a few such attempts every day, while previously one to two hundred people-a-day often tried to enter the country illegally.

(Photo credit: Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)