Hungary should be among the top 5 countries in agricultural research

The government is striving to return Hungary to being one of the top five countries in agricultural research.

This objective will be achieved with projects like Tungsram's vertical farm, a development worth a total of HUF 575 million and which received HUF 250 million of support from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

László György, secretary of state at the ministry, said during an online press briefing for the handover of the farm that Tungsram implemented the project in cooperation with Biopólus Zrt. and KÉSZ Holding. Nine people will perform research and development, meaning that with the help of the government, Tungsram has created high value-added, high-wage jobs.

Tungsram cooperates with Hungarian universities as well, so the vertical farm will also serve as an innovation ecosystem.

The state secretary stressed that vertical farms may be a solution to global nutritional challenges of the future since they use natural resources more efficiently.

Although significant progress is needed to mass-produce food — mainly cereals, rice and corn — Tungsram's vertical farm is dedicated to achieving this goal.

The farm has a production area of 150 square meters, on which micro-vegetables and small lettuce plants are grown in a hydroponic system exclusively with LED lighting, regardless of the time of day or weather. Despite being a commercial-size farm, the purpose of the facility is research and development, making it unique in Central Europe.