Hungary’s customer protection authority fines Ryanair HUF 300 million

The justice minister said the airline was fined for “misleading customers through its dishonest business practices”.

Justice Minister Judit Varga said Hungary’s customer protection authority has fined low-cost airline Ryanair HUF 300 million (EUR 765,000) for “misleading customers through its dishonest business practices”.

The minister noted that the authority had launched proceedings against the airline company on June 10 on suspicion of transferring the windfall tax to customers, adding that her ministry had monitored the process. Minister Varga reiterated the government’s earlier pledge “to protect the Hungarian people” and initiate customer protection proceedings every time a company tried to pass its tax on excessive profits on to consumers. “Wartime inflation and the economic situation requires multinational companies earning excessive profits to contribute their share in financing the utility price cap programme and national defence,” Minister Varga said.

Photo credit: Shutterstock