It is not yet time to ease restrictions

There is no room to ease restrictive measures yet, Gergely Gulyás, head of the Prime Minister's Office, said at a press briefing on Thursday, adding that Hungary can overcome the pandemic only if mass vaccination continues.

Experts say we are close to the peak of the third wave, and even though figures are currently very bad, "there are no capacity problems” in Hungary’s healthcare system, Gergely Gulyás emphasized. With the participation of residents and medical students, the number of hospital staff is also higher, he added.

The minister stressed that the most important thing now is to follow the rules and do everything possible to reduce the number of people you come into contact with so that the current wave of the pandemic can recede. If people register and get vaccinated quickly, there will be no fourth wave, he said, adding that there may be only “weeks or days” until restrictions are waived.

Speaking about the National Consultation launched a few weeks ago, the minister said that a record number of Hungarians participated in it. The results from this survey will be made public this weekend and will be used by the government to help it make its decision about the reopening. 

The vaccination rate will also be a factor in the reopening strategy, Gulyás highlighted, noting that Hungary currently has one of the highest rates in Europe. Our goal is to have the entire Hungarian population inoculated against COVID-19 by June, and we will need more vaccines to do this, the minister said, adding that since Brussels has messed up vaccine procurement, Hungary has needed to order vaccines from the East as well.

The Operative Corps will meet tomorrow with the participation of the prime minister, who will announce measures for the coming weeks on Kossuth Rádió, Gergely Gulyás noted.

Photo credit: Facebook/Szentkirályi Alexandra