Novák: Conditions for relaunching social life must be created ASAP

Under the leadership of the minister in charge of families, an operational body responsible for relaunching social life will be set up.

Katalin Novák, Minister in charge of Families, has stressed that the conditions for relaunching social life must be created as soon as possible.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio on Thursday, the minister said a newly set up operational body will include, among others, the Prime Minister’s commissioner for social affairs, the CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, the president of the National Association of Large Families, the President of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the chief medical officer as well as the deputy state secretary for social inclusion. 

Minister Novák also mentioned that if economic growth allows, families with children will get their personal income tax back next year, highlighting that the basis of the government's family and economic policy is that people can spend as much of the money they earn as possible on their families and children. She noted that mothers with four or more children are already exempt from the personal income tax, and next year, those under the age of 25 will also benefit from the tax exemption.

The minister also underlined that instead of austerity measures, the government focuses on opportunities, adding that thanks to the high vaccination rate, there is a chance that Hungary will emerge stronger from the pandemic.