‘One with Nature’ offers animal conservation programs for children

On World Animal Day, the ‘One with Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition is featuring a wide range of programs aimed at children on the subject of animal protection as well as falconry, archery, greyhound and weapon shows.

More than 16,000 students have already visited the expo as part of a special offer for schools.

In the spirit of sustainability, one of the key elements of the world exhibition is education, i.e., raising awareness and opening young people’s eyes to the special values of nature and wildlife. Thus today, on World Animal Day, the expo is offering interactive activities to children.

The event’s presenters today will discuss topics such as wildlife conservation in the 21st century, wild animals through the eyes of children, wildlife conservation in zoos, and wildlife conservation in large enterprises.

Today’s selection of programs will also include a music concert, folk dance performance, live discussion, and meeting with the creator of the expo's ornamental gate.

In addition, there will be demonstrations of all four traditional hunting methods – greyhound, falconry, rifle and archery.

As for the countryside, the exhibition ‘Big Game of the Zselic region’ will be on display in the wildlife park in Bőszénfa, while the Ninth International Boilie Fishing Tournament will continue in Révfülöp.