OWN: FeHoVa Plus trade fair opens on Thursday

The fair, which was canceled in February 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, is being held within the framework of the ‘One with Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition and can be visited with tickets purchased for the main event.

The ‘One with Nature’ International Hunting and Game Management Conference also continued, focusing on the relationship between wildlife and city dwellers on Thursday.

The World Conservation Forum featured a presentation on traditional hunting methods by curator Balázs Németh and a lecture on female hunting by Danene van der Westhuyzen, President of the Namibian Professional Hunters Association. Meanwhile, Gergely Kovács, curator for digital solutions, discussed the relationship between artificial intelligence and wildlife.

In Kincsem Park, a spectacular demonstration was held by the Historical Equestrian Association, followed by a greyhound, falconry and rifle and archery shows.

Children and their parents could take part in interactive activities in the open-air area of the exhibition, while car enthusiasts could enjoy the presentation of the groundbreaking off-road vehicle Ineos Grenadier by the Gablini Group.

As for rural venues, in Fülöpszállás, the international breeding show of short-haired German Vizslas took place; a historical horse show from the time of the Hungarian conquest was held in Kaposmérő; and in Vásárosnamény, hunters from the Transylvania-Partium region and Hajdú-Bihar County gathered.

For further information, visit https://onewithnature2021.org.