PM ahead of NATO summit: ‘We will protect the Hungarian people’

Viktor Orbán pledged to fulfill his electoral promises to the Hungarian people in a video published ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid.

“We will protect Hungary; we will protect Hungarians!” Orbán posted on his official Facebook page as he traveled to Madrid on Tuesday to meet with NATO leaders and heads of state to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

“The government undertook to fulfill the following 4 things,” Orbán said in footage from Monday’s parliamentary session posted on his Facebook page. “Jobs will be protected even amid war and war inflation.

“Pensions will be protected, including the 13-month one which you [the opposition] took away, even during the war.

“We’ll protect the family support system, even amid war inflation, and we’ll protect public utility price cuts even amid war inflation,” he added.

The prime minister attended a gala dinner at the request of King Philip VI of Spain alongside heads of state and government at the Royal Palace in Madrid on Tuesday evening.

Commenting on the event, Orbán wrote on Facebook: “The NATO summit is underway. We will protect the Hungarian people.”

The prime minister also met with Andres Pastrana, the president of the CDI, the Christian Democrat and Conservative Party, shortly before the start of the NATO summit, according to his official spokesman.

The meeting, also attended by Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, focused on the Russo-Ukrainian war and Viktor Orbán reiterated his government’s position that it does not support any proposal that could see NATO and Hungary pulled into the conflict.

Photo credit: MTI